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Status: COMING, ACTIVE, CLOSE, TBA refers to the ico date of the project, always make sure through the bounty official link of each project

Signature and Avatar: 30%
Twitter: 20%
Translation and Moderation: 15%
Articles: 15%
Medium: 5%
Slack: 5%
Other: 10%

Signature and Avatar Bounty Campaign
15,000,000 STORM tokens cap

1. Copy and paste the correct signature into your profile
2. Fill out this form——>
3. Check this spreadsheet to see if you were accepted—>
4. If you wish to participate in the avatar campaign, please email


  • Signature remain on profile until after the token generation event and a final count of participation has been recorded
  • STORM must be the only signature on your profile. No other campaigns allowed.
  • Posts on your account with our signature must be well thought out and actively contribute to discussion
  • Posts should be at least 100 characters long
  • Must post at least 7 times per week throughout the duration of the campaign

Jr Member: 50 tokens/week
Member: 75 tokens/week
Full Member/Senior Member: 125 tokens/week
Hero/Legendary: 250 tokens/week


Twitter Bounty
10,000,000 STORM tokens cap

1. Follow @Storm_Token on Twitter —->
2. Fill out this form——>
3. Check this spreadsheet to see if you were accepted—>


  • Account must have real followers, updated regularly, and free of bots
  • User must engage actively on Twitter
  • Only one account per person. Any findings of multiple accounts will result in a ban
  • Must share at least 7 posts per week of @Storm_Token (

100-250 Followers: 75 tokens/week.
250-1500 Followers: 125 tokens/week
1500 or more followers: 150 tokens/week

Translation and Moderator Bounty
7,500,000 STORM tokens cap

Translations Needed In: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish

1. Choose a language you would like to translate
2. Fill out this form—>
3. Check this spreadsheet for additional information as spots fill up—->


  • Translations must be original. No use of translation tools will be accepted
  • Translators are expected to remain engaged in discussion about STORM on an additional thread specific to their language.
  • Must translate official posts into a new thread

Whitepaper: 10,000 Tokens (We will select the best one)
Website: 5000 Tokens
Translating and Moderating posts: 250 stake/week

Articles and Blog Bounty
7,500,000 STORM tokens

1. Once you write a blog post or article, email the link and information to
2. Stakes will be given out based on quality and reach


  • Content must be original, reposting and copying of other content will not be allowed
  • Author must have a following of at least 200+
  • Posts must contain a link to both and
  • Posts should be at least 750 characters long
  • Only one blog post per author if on a free platform (medium, steemit, newbium, etc.)

  Payment: Tokens will be distributed based on overall quality of the article

Tokens awarded based on impact.

Slack Bounty
2,500,000 STORM tokens

1.Once you join our slack channel, fill out this form —->
2. Check here to see if you were accepted —->


  • Join our slack channel, post meaningful comments and questions
  • Do not post on our slack channel about joining our slack channel, you will not get credit
  • No spam allowed. One account per user.

 Payment: Tokens will be distributed equally amongst those who join our slack

Medium Bounty
2,500,000 STORM tokens cap

1. Once you have followed us, submit this form—->
2. Click here for an updated count—–>


  • Follow us on medium at
  • One account per person

  Payment: Tokens will be distributed equally amongst those who follow our blog

An additional 5,000,000 STORM tokens will be held for a bounty to be announced later


*CakeCodes, Inc. reserves the right to restrict tokens to individual users. Rules and regulations are subject to change.*