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Status: COMING, ACTIVE, CLOSE, TBA refers to the ico date of the project, always make sure through the bounty official link of each project
(Bitcoin Segwit 2x)

Token Address:




Token Details:


Total Supply: 21,000,000
Decimal : 8
Token : ERC20





Current Price : $21.8
Etherdelta :
Yobit : Listing in 10 days
CoinExchange :
Cryptopia :
Bittrex :
Poloniex :
Bitfinex :



Token Distribution:


It will be 1:1 for bitcoin holder after the fork
We will premine 0.3% for a community awareness airdrop and development cost
0.1% : Donation for development
0.1% : Airdrop
0.1% : Bounty





Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency right now in the world but it is suffering serious problem as a currency, the transaction speed is ridiculous slow and transaction fee is scarily expensive ! It no longer serve the purpose of being a currency and this is going to haunt it’s value in long term, Segwit2x was originally scheduled , but canceled due to Bitcoin Core Dev selfishness ! We are a group of enthusiasts hoping to solve bitcoin’s problem by forking it at block 505,000. This token is created to promote community awareness, gather more supporters and fundraise for the project.

Bounty Section and Percentage:
Mega Promo Campaign (20% Distribution)
Twitter Campaign (5% Distribution)
Signature Campaign (25% Distribution)
Article or Blog Post Campaign (10% Distribution)
Video Campaign (10% distribution)
Translation Campaign (10% Distribution)
Bitcointalk Post Campaign (10% Distribution)
Moderators (10% distribution)

General Terms:
1) Stakes will be distributed every week, on Saturday
2)The first stake distribution will be 24 November 12PM GMT
3)We reserve the right to remove you from the campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spam the forum
4)In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your stakes
5)We may not accept you in the campaign for any reasons
6)If your rank change during the campaign, you must contact the me in pm
7)If you does not meet the minimum amount of posts, you will not receive any stake for the current week. But you will not be removed from the campaign

Mega Promo Campaign
Promote B2X in any channel gain you 1 stake
5 stakes for : Sharing B2X price/information in other cryptocurrency telegram’s group
Fill up this form every time after you promote : Click me
Please message @btc2xdev if you think your promo deserve better stakes

Signature Campaign

Twittter Campaign:
Retweet : 10 stakes per RT if you have less than 300 followers ; 20 stakes per RT if you have between 301 and 999 followers ; 50 stakes if you have more than 1000 followers.
You can only Retweet once a week
Submit here

Articles Campaign:
1)Article on Steemit = 60 Stakes
2)Article on Medium = 50 Stakes
3)Article on any other blogging site or personal blog = 30 Stakes
4)High Quality Article = +100 Stakes
5)Medium Quality Article = +50 Stakes
6)Low Quality Article = +0 Stake
Must be Unique(Not copy and paste)
Must be 500 Characters or More
Pm us on telegram to show us your work @btc2xdev

Videos Campaign:
100 stakes per each quality video (100 bonus stakes for the best one)
Upload it on youtube
Pm us on telegram to show us your work @btc2xdev

Translation Campaign:
Both Announcement and Bounty Thread
100 Stakes Per Language
Must Be Done Before 25th November
A translation must be of a high quality ; not done by using google translate
Pm us on telegram to reserve @btc2xdev

Bitcointalk Campaign:
Create one quality post discussing B2X on Bitcointalk
We have the right to ban anyone from the bounty if we think he is spamming/low quality post
10 Stakes/Week
Your rank must Jr.member and above, newbie not accepted

Submit here


Bounty Payment:


First bounty will be paid along with airdrop round 3 (15th December)

Launch Airdrop Round 1
Listing on Decentralize Exchange (Etherdelta,IDEX,DECENTREX)
Launch Bounty
Listing on Coinmarketcap


Listing on Larger Exchange like (Coinexchange,Yobit,Mercatox)
Launch Airdrop Round 2
Distribute Token to Donors
Whitepaper Released


Listing on even Larger Exchange like (Hitbtc,Cryptopia)
Launch Airdrop Round 3
Mega Marketing Campaign
Preparation for Bitcoin Forking on Block 505,000


Fork Happened on Block 505,000
Token Swap for ERC20 B2X Holder