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Status: COMING, ACTIVE, CLOSE, TBA refers to the ico date of the project, always make sure through the bounty official link of each project


The team at DS Plus, with PlusCoin, is bringing cryptocurrency to everyday people by integrating blockchain technology into their market-leading mobile customer loyalty application.

In appreciation of your loyalty to the PlusCoin project, DS Plus is launching a Bounty campaign, also starting September 10th. DS Plus has gathered a fund of 100,000+ First PlusCoin tokens to distribute during this campaign. They expect to distribute more funds as the Bounty campaign progresses.

1 First PlusCoin token = 3300 PlusCoin (PLC)

The PlusCoin ICO begins September 10th and ends November 10th.



The DS Plus team has formulated three ways to reward you for promoting PlusCoin:

1.Social media referrals
2.  Blog posts, articles, and promotional videos
3. signature references

Payment procedure:

Remuneration will be calculated every Monday after 16:00 UTC

You can register for the Bounty campaign and receive your personal reference link now at Payouts will be weekly, starting September 18th..

There is currently no specific limit to how much you can earn from social media reference.

To earn your PlusCoin reward, simply make a post about the PlusCoin project on social media, being sure to include your personal reference link.
Referral reward system – you will be rewarded  5% of total PlusCoin sales resulting from your link in PLC.
The personal reference link is available upon registration at
• You must subscribe tothe official PlusCoin information channels in social media, where you want to add your personal reference link.
● Important: you must stay subscribed to these channels until the end of the ICO.


● After completing Step 1 you may make reposts from these channels and add your personal reference link to it.
● Any comments made about the PlusCoin project must be positive and constructive.
● In the event that one or more of the above regulations is violated, we maintain the right to exclude you from payment.

The way you get the reward for participating in social media referral campaign.
1.   Register your bounty account on
2.   Log in and choose “social media referral campaign.”
3.   Make a repost, retweet and add your personal reference link to it.
4.   Wait till someone follows your link to buy PlusCoin Tokens on crowdsale.
5.   Get your reward (You will earn it automatically)

Feel free to publish your content promoting PlusCoin wherever you feel it would be most effective and reach the most people.

Reward = 99,000PLC (= 30 PlusCoin Tokens or $300) for quality content (according to regulations)

Youmay add your personal reference link to all of your publications and receive an additional reward for attracting buyers of PlusCoin Tokens.

Referral reward system – you will be rewarded 5% of total PlusCoin sales resulting from your link in PLC.

1) We especially welcome the following kinds of content:
1. Reviews – Articles or videos about PlusCoin or the DS Plus applications, or about anything that has directly to do with our project.
2. Interviews with experts or analysts in the field.
3. Educational content – Articles or videos explaining how to take part in the ICO, use the DS Plus application, etc.
2) All content must directly or indirectly refer to the PlusCoin project.
3) You may only use official DS Plus sources in the creation of your content

You tube
4) In your articles you must include links to these official sources.
5) A necessary condition of publication for any content is the use of the hashtags #DSPlus and #PlusCoin. When possible, use the names DS Plus and PlusCoin in the titles of your articles, blogs, and videos.
6) We categorically forbid the use of the PlusCoin project in the representation of any other project, portraying that project in a negative light.
7) If you require additional information for the creation of your content, feel free to contact us via the following channels:

General provisions
•   This campaign is provided only on forum and is composed of writing posts in different treads of this forum with the use of the special banner.
•   You can add your referral link to any of your posts.
You will receive 5% PLC for every ICO purchase made as a result of your personal referral link.

Rules of the Subscription Bounty campaign

Only registered users of may take part in the subscription campaign.

Your rank of the account should be not less than Jr.Member.

By posting weekly on, you will be awarded a major bonus, depending on the rank of your account at BitcoinTalk.

Legendary member       198000 PLC, equal to 600 USD
Hero member               181500 PLC, equal to 500 USD
Senior member             165000 PLC, equal to 500 USD
Full member                 132000 PLC, equal to 400 USD
Member                       115500 PLC, equal to 350 USD
Jr.member                    82500 PLC, equal to 300 USD

User can place his/her referral link both in the banner and in the post.

If your rank on the forum changes during the campaign, it is your obligation to get into contact with the manager of the bounty campaign at

To get the remuneration in the Subscription campaign you should do the following:

1.Sign up for the personal account on
2. Inside the account you should pass to the “Subscription campaign” section.
3. Enter your nickname and rank of the account on
4. Copy the code of the banner (it will be shown at the bottom of the page inside your account after you finish the third step)
5.   Open your account on In the “Forum Profile Information” section, paste the code of the banner into the “Signature” field.
6.   Write at least 10 constructive posts during one week and add links on these posts into your personal account on each link you should use a separate field in the “Subscription campaign” section (new field appears when the previous is filled).
You can copy the link on your post by clicking with the right mouse button on the “#” sign at the upper right corner of your post and choosing “Copy the link”.
7.   8 of these 10 posts must be on different topics, and must contain at least two sentences.
8.   You can write posts in any tread on, but only 2 posts in each of them will be counted.
9.   The subject of posts may be different.
10.   If you do not meet the minimal number of posts, you will still be considered to be taking part in the campaign. However, youwillnotberewardedthatweek.
11.   Thepermittednumberofpostsineachtreadisupdatedweekly. So after the week ends you will able to write posts in those treads again and it will be counted
12.   Post, which you publish during the week, should be written within the dates of the current weekly campaign.

P.S. These rules, provisions and conditions apply only to Subscription campaign.