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Status: COMING, ACTIVE, CLOSE, TBA refers to the ico date of the project, always make sure through the bounty official link of each project
Guarda Wallet 50 ETH Bounty Program


General information
Guarda wallet stands out as one of the most secure wallets on market. The user’s private key is securely stored in the Android key storage. Recently we’ve added in-app support for the tokens. Starting from now, our customers are able to buy, receive, store any tokens within the Guarda Wallet apps.
What are we looking for?
The Guarda Wallet team is looking for volunteers. Over the next weeks, we invite you to participate in our campaigns to help us with token ICO acquisition into the Guarda Wallet ecosystem.
What does it mean ‘the token acquisition’?

We need to resolve two issues for the token acquisition:

  • Put the token purchase instruction at the official ICO website
  • Get token parameters for the wallet

The task assumes that you need to communicate with ICO project team. Try to explain advantages of using Guarda Wallet in terms of token purchase and storage. Following key points will help you to get into the agenda:

  • Guarda customer is able to buy ETH that can be used to buy tokens all within the mobile app
  • Guarda customer is able to buy tokens using any crypto assets he owns
  • The customer is able to participate in ICO. Transactions have customizable fields for GAS limit, address and custom data
  • Guarda is a light wallet (also called SPV wallet). Which means that customers always control their own wallet private key and funds.

The bounty will be distributed among the volunteers in accordance to the contribution. We’re highly interested in a quick token launch, so we’ll motivate participants who will bring us first 20 tokens up to x5 payout bonus.
We’ll grant the early participants who will bring us the first ten tokens to the project by paying out the bonus x5. We’ll grant the participants who bring us 11-20 tokens to the project by doubling payout bonus. We’ll also double the payout for each tenth token brought to the project.

We are going to pay 0.1 ETH for each NEW token that you’ll bring to us. We’ll grant you with additional 0.01 ETH for each instruction translating you will make to the ICO project site from the original language. The minimum payout of bounty is 0.5 ETH. However, you’ll have a chance to continue to earn within our next bounty fund in order to reach the payout threshold.

You need to use following workflow 1-2-3-4-5 to complete the bounty task.

1. Find the unlisted ICO token in the Guarda app
Find a NEW ICO project that is not included in the Guarda Ethereum Wallet or Guarda Ethereum Classic yet. The actual list of the tokens can be found here:

2. Put the instruction on the ICO website
We are expecting to see the Guarda Wallet instruction at the official ICO project web. The instruction should explain to the customer how the tokens can be bought using Guarda Wallet.

The Guarda provides instruction template for the token purchase . You need to review and correct it, to fit into ICO token purchase requirements. Usually, it requires to fill in the correct parameters for the smart-contract transaction:

GAS limit
Custom Data

We will appreciate you more in case you translate the Guarda instruction to the original ICO website language (if necessary). The translation should be done accurately, keeping all issues in the original one. You’ll be granted by additional bounty 0.01 ETH for each translation.

3. Include the unique app link in the instruction
The whole text of the instruction should be placed on the official ICO project website. In the instruction, the unique link to the Guarda application should be placed. You need to use Guarda Ethereum Wallet application target link in case of ETH based token and Guarda Ethereum Classic in case of ETC based token. Below you’ll find how you can get the unique link in a proper way.

Generate the unique Guarda app link for your ICO instruction. The unique link can be generated using UTM technology within Google Campaign URL Builder

Use for ETH-based token as Website URL
Use for ETC-based tokes as Website URL

Use your ETH wallet address as a Campaign Source parameter. We’ll pay the bounty to the address that will be included in the link placed at the ICO project web site. Be careful with it.
You should get the link that will look like the following one:

4. Collect the token parameters for the wallet
You need to ask from the ICO project token detail for the correct wallet listing:

  • Token full name
  • Token short name (ticker)
  • Decimal parameter
  • Address parameter

The example of data you need to collect for each token:

Token Name  Augur
Ticker  REP
Decimal  18
Address  0xE94327D07Fc17907b4DB788E5aDf2ed424adDff6

5.Send us a notification via email
Send us an email at and put there:
ICO project website link to the instruction that you’ve posted
Token wallet parameters (#4 bullet above)

We’ll grant you with Ethereum as follows:

  • 0.1 ETH for each new token (excluding translation of the instruction)
  • additional 0.01 ETH for each translation to the original ICO website language.

The Ethereum will be sent to the address that was used in the application link inside the instruction text.

Guarda Wallet Team