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openANX – Open Exchange Decentralization Transparency

openANX – Open Exchange Decentralization Transparency

openANX – Open Exchange Decentralization Transparency, In cryptocoin refers to “Decentralize Exchange” can be said to be misleading and inaccurate, as there is no legal transfer in the matter of ownership or when the participant (the account owner) acts to sell and buy on the exchange of cryptocoin. There is also no back office settlement among the participants.
For example, when selling Bitcoin previously stored in an account with
The exchange, the sellers are operationally and economically exchanged “Bitcoin IOU” issued by
Exchange for “IOU fiat” issued by the same exchange, and the transaction
Recorded internally in the exchange accounting ledger.
There is a “Decentralize Exchange”
In the sense that there is no exchange at all.
The role of openANX

The openANX platform will leverage technical developments of Ethereal Blockchain such as payment channels (Raiden3, 0x, Swap, ERC204) and leverage them to resolve the existing decentralize exchange by connecting existing Asset Gateways to the openANX platform And implement a collateral guarantee system that will give users a way to measure risk.
The main posts of OpenANX are:
  • Migrate existing exchanges to the role of Collateral Asset Gateways, bridging Fiat to tokens in a guaranteed and transparent way
  • Provide trade credit risk to enable price discovery and “vote” market The credit worthiness of the gateway
  • Provide a dispute resolution to access the collateral in case of a dispute
  • Aggregate order book using ANX International (“ANX”) owned
  • “Aggregate IP liquidity”, and incorporate the liquidity of participating Gateways Assets
  • Complement the wave of “token only” decentralized matching machine projects which otherwise would not be fully supported, thereby enhancing further liquidity, and accessibility for the general public
  • Order book and Peer-to-Peer (“P2P”) Over the Counter (“OTC”) order adjustment
  • Migrate ANX International’s to the platform, confirm the kirtis period at the start, then grow a new consortium and an existing exchange that is committed to migrate to openANX mode
Note that P2P OTC is also an openANX feature that will allow users to trade directly
Through private channels that are fast and negotiable, which is an additional option for the traditional
The order of the book paradigm
Market Infrastructure
The openANX platform will consist of the following Market participants:
  • Exchange users
  • Asset Gateways
  • Sponsor buku pesanan
  • Layanan KYC / AML
  • Wasit sengketa
  • Votting anggota
User Exchange is a user who wants to participate in an exchange, using services for the original Token Trade or for trading real-world assets.

Milestones :

  • Start
  • Q2 2016 ( Concept Development )
  • Q1 2017 ( Concept Validation )
  • April 2017 ( openANX Project Revealed )
  • May 2017 ( White Paper Released )
  • 22 June 2017 ( OAX Token Sale )
  • Q4 2017 ( Working Group Setup )
  • Q4 2017 ( User Group Signup )
  • Q2 2018 ( openANX Prototype Release )
Team :

The people behind this OpenANX are quite a lot and have a convincing background for this project, there are many people who are experienced in this field who took part in this project, if you want to know anyone who is in this project team please Look at the official website here: TEAM
TOKEN Sales:
The OpenANX token sale has been completed and the number sold has been approximately 95% of the already sold supply, here are the details:
OAX is an ERC20 token developed to spark open-source decentralized “openANX” exchange platforms that provide combined order books to improve liquidity; Holders of collateral for asset gateways to reduce credit risk; And equipped with a predetermined dispute resolution system set by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to maximize consumer protection.
Here are the details

To better understand OpenANX and Open ANX Foundation, click the link below to download the latest version of Whitepaper:
Partner : 
Resmi :

  • Cooley
  • L & Y Law Office
Video Introduction to openANX:

Text Version : 

00:05: In the digital world, the use of token in blockchain has increased significantly, Tokens can represent real digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ether.
Real-world assets such as Dollar, ownership or token control on Digital Organization Autonomy (DAO).

00:24: There are many ways to redeem a digital case with Blockchain, but the market is still dependent on Centralised Exchange to withhold user funds and token issues on Blockchain.

00:36: This exchange has failed again again and again.
There are many projects that make token tokens in Blockchain. What’s missing here is a secure bridge between the real world and the Blockchain marketplace.

00:51: OpenANX Is the solution, an opensource decentralized exchange platform not only with the liquidity of a Decentralized Exchange, but also the security and transparency of the existing Decentralized Exchange.

01:05: OpenANX Solve this problem by: converting existing exchanges into asset entry paths. This asset gate posts the ether as collateral to a smart ethereum contract before they issue token.

01:21: These tokens can be used to trade on existing coins, but also risk trading markets. Market credit risk allows credit risk at each security gate.

01:33: The Order Book also aggregates together to provide liquid, credit risk adjustment platforms to bring the real world to Blockchain’s world of Token Trading.

01:44: OpenANX Project was invented by ANX International. When the change has arrived, let’s head for the future

01:59: Join to openANX at

02:06: OpenANX project is found by ANX International.

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