2 years ago

Trackr – Management platform for Cryptocoin market


Hallo all, this time there is a new Tokensale that announces its project, Trackr, Trackr is a mobile app that offers real-time warnings on market cryptocoin when there is a change in the market, so if you are a person who feels that often skip the market during dumps or Pumps, this platform is very useful.
Continuing to the explanation of this Trackr project, Trackr has an all-in-one interface to view and manage existing portfolios, predict which cryptocoins are safe to invest and which are not. In addition to the future will also be developed data history method so users can more easily analyze that occurs in every market.

The Track Token (TKR), On this platform there are features that can be used for free without having to subscribe and can be utilized but there are also features of advanced pay per month which of course has more value as in general premium features on every service out there.
TKR berjenis ERC20 yang bekerja pada block ethereal. Exchange akan di lakukan pada blockchain ether selama fase penciptaan.

Number of TOKEN TKR 65 000 000

  • 90% Will be allocated to ICO Campaign
  • 5% To Bounty Campaign
  • 5% Leftovers for Team
  • 1 000 000 Additional TKR Tokens will be available for ICO pre-token exchange purposes to ICO tokens.
Trackr Is a mobile app for your smartphone, as well as trackr receives input for additional features that would help trackr for better and more useful for users.
Feature features already available are notifications when there is a change in the market cryptocoin, and sent to email or sms (depending on each country) and for other features will follow.

Feature features available:

  • Alert timestamp
  • Exchange (i.e. Poloniex
  • Currency Pair (i.e. BTC/ETH) 
  • Change in buy or sell volume % 
  • Change in price %
  • Price value (against the base currency pair, i.e. BTC in this instance) 
  • The Watcher and its metadata that invoked this alert 
Feature of the feature if activated continuously can cause heavy load on your device, so you should use the appropriate features.
Application Interface

  • Dashboard 

On the dashboard you can see all the basic info of coin coin and comparison between previous and present percentage and also you can set the timeframe as per desire

  • Watchers
Watchers are an important part of this application, here you can get various features:
  • Currency pair and exchanges
  • Price value for a currency pair
  • Relative price
  • Relative buy volume & sell volume
  • Sudden spike in volume and/or price
  • Time range to compare against

v. Iona
  •  Conduct the ICO
  • Release of Alpha version

v. Eday

  • Implementation of subscription based services
  • Increase the amount of available exchanges and currencies
  • Team expansion

v. Barra

  • Offline notifications and alerts through SMS
  • Automatic coin tracking for new alt coins

v. Skye

  • Smart analysis of alt coin trends based on media exposure
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Start development of web client 

v. Hoy

  • Add webhooks as an endpoint to Watcher alerts
  • Safe investment predictions based on historical analysis
  • Automatic wallet tracking feature 

v. Ulva

  • Functional web client with desktop notifications support
  • Ability to share Watchers with other users
  • Cryptocurrency ranking 
  • Machine learning / AI for investment predictions

v. Eigg

  • Create teams in Trackr to collaborate
  • Public API release
  • Synchronization of mobile and web data 

For more details you can see the full thread in bitcointalk here : Thread