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Tokenbox is a unique ecosystem that combines crypto-currency funds under the management of professional portfolio managers and traders on the one hand and investors on the other. Investors are to be granted access to the best strategies for managing funds on the Crypto market with a high degree of safety in these processes. Portfolio managers and traders, including professional teams, are to receive a ready-made "box" solution for the creation of its own tokenized fund, operating professionally, transparently and within the legal framework. The technical solutions ofered by Tokenbox enable the fund management process and its development in an efcient and safe way. Thus, investors can make their choice between diferent legal and audited funds, according to the inherent ratio of risk and return.

pre-ico DETAIL

~$8,000,000 raised
1 TBX = 1 USD
20,000,000 USD
8,000,000 USD

About Tokenbox

For investors

  • Multi-cryptocurrency wallet
    Keep all your crypto assets conveniently in a single wallet

    Universal crypto-currency wallet for the secure storage of digital assets. The wallet allows you to store all main crypto-currencies and tokens.

    For the convenience, there are two types of wallets - "Easy" and "Professional" which can both store keys both inside and outside the system.

  • Invest in pro traders and funds
    Reliable, transparent professional funds and traders

    Tokenbox is a platform for professionals only. Traders and Funds participating are carefully selected and reviewed. We conduct Due Diligence of all traders. And no Fund can withdraw assets from a client’s account.

    The Rating System and “Advisory Service” can assist you in making the optimal choice of the traders represented on our system.

  • Pay by Credit/Debit Card and Fiat money
    Yes, we accept payments in fiat currencies!

    The payment gateway integrated with our platform allows you to accept payments in traditional "fiat" currencies (USD, EUR).

    Investors can convert fiat currencies into crypto-currencies and tokens, and conduct reverse operations on the Tokenbox platform.

For traders and funds

  • Legal Clarity and Transparency
    Operating within the current legal framework

    Conducting activities on the Tokenbox Platform within the relevant legislative infrastructure. Tokenbox is a legal "umbrella" fund. Thus, funds and traders can minimize their legal costs.

    Tokenbox undertakes to perform of KYC / AML for user-investors as well liaising with the requisite data verification systems.

ICO KYC Report
2 members invited
Viktor Shpakovsky
Vladimir Smerkis
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