Contactless Shoe Fitting in on-line shopping
he issue of a proper size selection of shoes and clothes when buying online is a major obstacle to the dynamic development of the online market of clothing and footwear and the cause of distrust towards online shopping among consumers. The innovative technology of Imigize 3D contactless fitting makes the concept of "size" inconsequential to online shopping, allowing, based on digital anthropometric data, purchase these products with convenience and ease. We create a new ecosystem based on the service database and blockchain technology. All participants: buyers, online stores, distributors, manufacturers, rating agencies, internet search services and financial structures, the state regulators can take advantage of the valuable information generated by the service. This will allow removing fitting restrictions for the online shoes and clothes trade, stimulate the production of comfortable footwear and clothing, accelerate the transformation of the market of clothing and footwear by moving much of it to the web.


20 Apr 2018 - 8 Jun 2018
1 IMGZ = 0,00017821 ETH
48115 ETH
1000000 USD
Hong Kong
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About Imigize

To create a new ecosystem Imigize Blockchain Service on the online market of shoes and clothing, service-based contactless 3D fitting.
Imigize Service Blockchain is a bridge between the global clothes and footwear market and blockchain technology, which allows creating a new ecosystem of participants in the worldwide online market. The service generates a vast amount of data on most shoes and clothing, on personal anthropometry, the dimensional fitting of clothes and footwear, the parameters of their comfort. Everything is stored in the blockchain system. Imigize Service Blockchain ecosystem participants obtain access to this new valuable information without disclosing personal data of end users.
Thus, Imigize performs a system-forming factor in the formation of this new system of relations between all players of the clothes and footwear market, which removes information obstacles. We upload this data into the blockchain and develop a comfortable decentralized Imigize Service Blockchain system, which will bring together all online market participants and will allow them to obtain unlimited access to an array of Big Data.
The Imigize Service Blockchain platform provides the opportunity to interact more effectively all the market players among themselves in the framework of the information, industrial, economic and financial relations.


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