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Coinseed makes it easier for everyone to start investing in cryptocurrencies. A user can simply collect their spare change to invest or he/she can be more active by controlling their portfolio day to day. The Coinseed platform ranks the users' portfolios by their returns. Any user can replicate another user's portfolio with just a click of a button. We rank all users' portfolios by their returns and our users can copy the best performing portfolios from each other. When a Coinseed user converts their current portfolio to another portfolio that they like, there is a 1% fee on the total asset that is being converted. Coinseed will distribute 50% of this revenue to the CSD token holders every month.

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20 Mar 2018 - 20 Apr 2018
1 ETH = 460 CSD
1,500,000 USD (pre-sale)
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About Coinseed

 When we first launched our app, we went from zero to over 20,000 users in two months with ZERO advertising. We now have hundreds of thousands of dollars under management (increasing daily). How many ICO’s can you say have seen that much success before their crowdfunding campaign? The general public are still reluctant to invest huge sums of money as cryptocurrency is volatile and still not easily accessed. Coinseed solves this by making it easy to make microinvestments in cryptocurrencies. Users link their credit card/ bank account and pick from a portfolio of cryptocurrencies to invest in. Setup takes less than 5 minutes, and is super fast and easy. The rest is almost entirely automated. Coinseed automatically collects their spare change by rounding up purchase amounts to the nearest dollar using a feature called “Portfolio Management”. No other cryptocurrency platform has this feature of easily converting one portfolio into another. Currently, we have 8 different cryptocurrencies on our platform including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin and ZCash. We are adding more cryptocurrencies every month. Millennials and university students are the most interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology but they do not know where to start and often have little savings to invest in the first place. Millennials are the largest generation in history - and Coinseed solves a problem for all of them. To undertake the ambitious goal of disrupting the micro-investment industry worldwide, we have a full proof of concept with our first version of the Coinseed platform (app available on iOS and Android). We need the cryptocurrency community’s support to accelerate our growth and global expansion. This is a game-changer. Our platform will change how people invest, which in turn further fuels the growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as a whole. By supporting the Coinseed platform, you can share the profit by purchasing Coinseed’s CSD tokens. We will distribute the share of the profit to the CSD token holders every month. Our ICO to start on March 20, 2018, in order to obtain a total of $5 millions of financial leverage which takes our platform to the next stage of fast growth and development.

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