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Status: COMING, ACTIVE, CLOSE, TBA refers to the ico date of the project, always make sure through the bounty official link of each project
Protecting e-commerce brands and consumers from counterfeiting via the blockchain
Welcome to, we’re aiming protect consumers from counterfeiting by utilising the blockchain. To do this, we’ve created a protocol for product verification to allow consumers and businesses protect themselves from counterfeiting and fraud within their supply chains.

As we’re increasingly gathering interest and bringing more awareness into the project, more contributors have approached us and asked about our bounty and whether we will announce an referral program. In this post we’re officially announcing our referral program!

Thanks for participating. We have closed our referral campaign for now after receiving an very positive response from the community.

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Our bounty campaign for original content such as articles, blog posts is still available at:

Tokens will be distributed after the ICO. We encourage joiners to engage in thoughtful conversation! The condition of all joiners being they must stay within our telegram group and continue to follow our twitter to be eligible for the distribution.

We’re looking forward to meeting our new members of the community! This bounty will close after an undisclosed limit has been reached. Thanks for supporting the project!