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ICO Bounty Manager Service


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Hello, if you find this article and you are looking for a bounty manager for your ico project, then you come to the right place.
Introduce me is Crypto Chips admin from, if you are a person looking for ico bounty manager then it’s time you contact me via email: Contact US
In this article I will offer services such as: ICO BOUNTY MANAGER 


Why do you need Bounty Manager?

It is not uncommon for teams from the ICO project to have so much work to do and not get around to focusing on their Bounty Campaign and with bounty threads that are not so well maintained and unstructured, it will have a bad impact on the reputation of the project and also add the most likely the project leads to failure.
By hiring ICO Bounty Manager at us, then you just need to give detail project and detail Bounty Campaign then our team will try as much as possible to manage your Campaign Bounty


What are the advantages of Hiring ICO Bounty Manager?


Bounty Manager who has a good reputation for the bounty they’ve dealt with is a top priority for bounty hunters, bounty hunters prefer to follow bounty from bounty manager like that compared to bounty managed by new accounts, and of course here we are ICO Bounty team Managers have people who’ve already managed some bounty before.
(on Forums)

As we already know that in the Bitcointalk forum many new ico projects are popping up and they are trying to create a Thread Bounty Campaign for their own project and, moreover, using a Bitcointalk account with Rank – (JR Member) it is a mistake because JR Member can not posting the image is a bad impression and of course you do not want your project to look bad. Another advantage of hiring ICO Bounty Manager is that it will save you time, you can hand over all the bounty manager activities to us so you and your team can concentrate on other things.


Benefits of Choosing our ICO BOUNTY MANAGER Services:

  • More than 1 person has experience in managing bounty
  • You and your team can concentrate on other activities
  • The audit system will be done in the best possible way
  • Your Bounty and ICO will continue to be featured on ICO and Bounty List on our website during the campaign


And if you are the one who need our ICO BOUNTY MANAGER service then you can contact us by email Contact US and we can talk about it further.


Thank you



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  • Sunidhi

    With due respect on behalf of Bronix, I would like to invite you for representing Bronix a bounty manager.

    Bronix- An upcoming ICO Exchange Platform 

    Welcome to Bronix – an upcoming ICO endowing a next generation investment solution powered by Blockchain Technology via Ethereum.

    Auzy Digital Investments is the only organisation in India which is promoting and representing the Australian coin – Bronix.